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Carles Bros

Carles Bros was born in Terrassa, Barcelona (Catalonia) on 28 Febrer 1956.
He is a painter, sculptor and cultural manager.

Academic training:

During his childhood and early years of his career, Bros learnt to paint with his mother, the artist Joaquima Solanes. He later extended his knowledge at the Martínez Lozano School, in Terrassa, and at the Girona University during the Contemporary Art Studies Meetings. He has also studied Exhibition Curation and Cultural Management through the Catalan Art Critics’ Association. Bros has done several study visits in museums such as the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Museo del Prado, Mussée du Louvre, Toulouse Lautrec, Museu Picasso, Jeu de Paume, Tate Modern, etc.

Prizes and awards:

Catalan Fishing Medal from the Government of Catalonia

Honorary Mention from Sala Parés, Barcelona

1st Prize Begur (Girona)

1st Prize La Cellera de Ter (Girona)

2nd Prize Olesa de Montserrat (Barcelona)

2nd Prize La Cellera de Ter (Girona)

2nd Prize Anglès (Girona)

Gimeno’s Medal Honorary Mention, Tortosa (Lleida)

More than 100 individual exhibitions around Europe and Asia:

La Sorbonne University – Catalan Studies Centre, Paris (France)

Hôtel Rochegude, Albi (France)

Palais du Roi de Rome, Rambouillet (France)

World Billiards Championship, Brescia (Italy)

Orangerie de Lyon, Lyon (France)

Gallery Art-Sud, Toulouse (France)

Artenîmes, Nîmes (France)

Strasbourg’s Contemporary Art Fair (France)

Barcelona’s Maritime Museum (Barcelona)

Mediterranean Museum, Torroella de Montgrí (Girona)

Anchovy and Salt Museum, l’Escala (Girona)

Horta Museum, Azores islands (Portugal)

Galicia’s Sea Museum, Vigo (Galicia)

Portimão’s Museum (Portugal)

Espinho’s Museum (Portugal)

Roses’ Citadel Museum (Girona)

Carrapateira’s Earth and Sea Museum (Portugal)

Beijing’s Fine Arts Museum (China)

Taksu Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Taksu Gallery, Singapur

Taksu Gallery, Jakarta (Indonesia)

Patrick Domken Gallery, Cadaqués (Girona)

Dankraun Gallery, Bonn (Germany)

Sala Muncunill, Terrassa (Barcelona)

Works in public spaces:

“Banc de peix I”, Colera (Girona)

“Onada de llevant”, Llançà (Girona)

Wall paint “Banc de peix II”, Llançà (Girona)


“Piscis” (1989)

“El retorn del Senegal” (2004-2005)

“Els 24 capricci de Paganini” (2008-09)

“L’art de la teranyina” (2005-2013)

“Marcant el pas” (2012)

“Seguint el pas de la notícia”, Prizes for Girona’s Association of Journalists (2012)

“Mediterrani, llum i color” (2012)

Prizes for Mallorca’s Open Golf Championships (2012)

“Impressions de la Xina” (2013)

“Conseqüències del llevant” (Current project)

“Neu i sorra” (Current project)

“Banc de peixos”, sculpture project (Current project)


Carles Bros is the promotor, director and curator of the TramuntanArt, a contemporary art collective exhibition held since 2010 in el Port de la Selva (Girona, Catalonia) and inspired by the Tramuntana, the north wind.

Logotypes and posters:

European Hockey Cup Winners Cup (1991)

Colera Sea Rowing Club (1992)

County Councils Assiciation (1996)

European Hockey Cup (1999)

Spanish Sea Rowing Cup (2001)

Basketball Club Màgics

Rosa Alfieri Foundation (2005)

European Ski Cup (2008)

Ski Club Meganeu

Terrassa Jazz Festival (poster) (2013)

Performances, installation art and interventions:

Concert-exhibition with the violonist Ala Voronkova

Fish auctions and installation works

Art workshop at Saltells School, Cerdanyola (Barcelona)

Wall painting and concert with Ala Voronkova y Guerassim Voronkov (Barcelona)

Wall painting and concert with el Geni Barri Quartet en el Jazz Cava de Terrassa.

Wall painting and concert with en Llançà, en beneficio de la Marató de TV3.

Madrid Art Fair

Firatast, Girona

Girona’s Gastronomic Forum

Girona’s Fishing Days

Slow Food, Maram Centre, l’Escala (Girona)

Paul Bocuse Foundation, Lyon (France)

Dr. Trueta School, Viladecans (Barcelona)

Sant Climent de Llobregat’s School (Barcelona)


La Sorbonne University, Paris (France)

Palais du Roi de Rome, Rambouillet (France)

Beijing Fine Arts University (China)

Terrassa’s Ateneum

Cultural management:



Bohemian nights

Art exhibitions

Art and walks

Music and art fusions

Book presentations

Bibliography (Books and catalogues)

L’aventura de la creativitat

Carles Bros, 25 anys de pintura, by Pat Bros

Antoni Pagès Collection

Els pagesos, by Joan Augé, illustrated by Joaquima Solanes and Carles Bros

Emocions, sentiments, sensacions. Pintors i escultors de l’Alt Empordà, 1839-1959, by Alícia Viñas

Diccionari de l’Alt Empordà, by Inés Padrosa

Catalogue Els 24 capricci de Paganini

Catalogue Onades

Catalogue Marcant el Pas

Mediterrània, llum i color

TramuntanArt catalogues (2010-2014)

Catalogue L’art de la teranyina, Barcelona’s Maritime Museum

Catalogue A Arte da Ardora/L’art de la teranyina, Galicia’s Sea Museum

Catalogue Impressions de la Xina

Catalogue Ictiopintura

Catalogue Banc de Peix I

Catalogue Aterratges

Collaborations, charity and donations:

Government of Catalonia, Barcelona Provincial Council, fishermen’s associations, Friends of the Art in Terrassa, charitable organizations, UN, museums, sport clubs, sports federations, foundations, contemporary art centres, city halls, etc.

Works in institutions, museums and private collections:

Works in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.



I invite you to visit my gallery-studio in Llançà (Girona), where you can discover my work.

It is open everyday during July and August and the rest of the year by appointment.

My studio is located in Llançà.

C/ Castellar, 66, 17490 Llançà (Girona)
Telephone: 0034 669 884 934


How to get there

You can find a bigger map here

Discover my mural painting at Llançà’s dike by kayak. SK Kayak offers you guided tours along Llançà’s seaside and the Costa Brava:

Would you like to visit this unique work otherwise? You can contact me for a free guided tour to discover the dike and the sculptures at the top of El Castellar hill. You can contact me through the following number: 0034 669884934.






Please, spread my work around.

In this PDF file you will find my biography and data about my professional career, as well as the most important exhibitions and museums where you can find my work. Click here to find a complete list of all my exhibitions. Please, find my contact data above.


High resolution pictures of Carles Bros and his work

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